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Parents & Storytellers

In every generation, a story comes along that captures the imagination of children and parents and becomes a treasured childhood memory.

The Legend of Ponnivala is a treasure trove of great stories that parents can share with their children. Imagine: a whole adventure story, filled with magic, myths, and monsters the likes of which you and your family have never heard before!

This story, set in medieval Tamilnadu in the south of India, has been told orally by bards in the Kongu region for at least five hundred years. Now, it has been captured for the first time in animation and in print.

We've taken great care to create a version of this ancient epic that is appealing and instructive. Apart from being a classic adventure story, it teaches important lessons about the culture of South Asia, gives families and audiences a glimpse into the differences and similarities between cultures, and helps kids understand important social values like working together, family bonds, and generosity.